Inflatable Cleaning

Inflatable Cleaning and Maintenance

To clean the unit: Take a damp cloth and any mild liquid cleaner (ODO BAN), or a detergent (such as TIDE) mixed with water. DO NOT USE LACQUER THINNER, it will damage your inflatable. Your inflatable warranty does not cover damage due to improper use of solvents. If you have any questions regarding the cleaning of your inflatable, call All-Star Inflatables Inc. Repair Department 972-272-4191.

  • For more stubborn areas, use diluted “Simple Green” or other similar non-toxic cleaner. NEVER use a scrub brush or abrasive cleaner on painted surfaces.
  • Always pack the unit dry. NEVER pack the unit wet for any long period of time as mildew will form. Mildew damage is irreversible and voids the warranty.
  • To avoid damage, DO NOT DRAG the inflatable. This causes abrasions and will soon need repairs.
  • Small holes or rips will not affect the performance of the inflatable. However, they should be repaired as soon as possible. Vinyl adhesives (such as “HH-66”) are very effective for many minor repairs. 
  • Should vandalism or damage occur to the inflatable please call All-Star Inflatables Inc. at (888)272-4386. We will instruct you as to the method of repair. NEVER continue prolonged periods of use if unit is damaged, as this could magnify the extent of the damage and may void the warranty. Please remember that vandalism is not covered by warranty.


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