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Attention Athletic Directors and Trainers!! Are you wanting to take your athletes to the next level? Our Inflatable Incline Trainer©️ is the solution!!

Throughout the years, hill training has become an extremely popular way to train a FASTER, STRONGER AND BIGGER athlete. There are several downfalls to “traditional” hill training:

  • The Expense of Building a Grass or Dirt Hill
  • Transportation To and From a Natural Hill, Concrete Culvert or Bleacher Training
  • Weather Conditions
  • Maintenance Time and Expense
  • Wear and Tear on Joints, Ligaments, Muscles, and Possible Strains or Sprains

All-Star Inflatables is proud to announce the “ Inflatable Incline Trainer©️”.  This patented and trademarked inflatable hill is made entirely out of a special heavy duty vinyl with interior reinforcements to sustain the abuse that most athletes put the equipment through during rigorous training. The benefit of the “Inflatable Incline Trainer©️” is that it can be used indoors or outdoors and can be stored for years of use. 

Our Full Circuit Incline Trainer can also be moved moved throughout the training season and be used year round. The hill can also be utilized for generating revenue during the off-season. Our patented Non-Slip surface will give you the extra grip you need for the final push to finish. To make your Inflatable Incline Trainer©️ a Full Circuit Trainer add the following equipment:

  • Elastic bands: we recommend Stroops 
  • Heavy ropes
  • TRX or SBT
  • Medicine balls
  • Sand or Heavy Bags

To view our Inflatable Incline Trainer©️ in action click on the the YouTube Links below:

This is the next level of extreme incline training!   Do you have what it takes? To learn more about our Inflatable Incline Trainer©️ contact us today for a FREE QUOTE