State Inspections

Inflatable State Inspections – Amusement Rides – Texas Department of Insurance

All-Star Inflatables is a authorized Texas state inspector. Contact us if you need your inspections at 972-272-4191 or 888-349-4386:

Texas state law prohibits any moonwalk company to be in business if they are not in compliance. Before choosing a moonwalk company in Texas always check this online list of compliant companies:

Choosing a company that is not on the list could mean liability that you do not want to get yourself or organization in to. Texas law states that each moonwalk owner has the same responsibility as someone who owns a theme park like. Your moonwalks have to be inspected by a certified state inspector each year. Please make sure you are in compliance with the law and are fully insured.

All inspected moonwalks are given a certification sticker by a Texas inspector. Unfortunately the state hasn’t made stickers which stick on vinyl moonwalks after prolonged use (rolling, unrolling, wet/dry) For this reason and with permission from the TDI keep your stickers at our offices and scanned in the event that you need to provide them to anyone.

Beware: Some companies try to cut corners offering you a moonwalk that has not been state inspected and could potentially be dangerous for your children.

IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. All-Star Inflatables Inc. is dedicated to providing a safe inflatable experience.

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