“Sandless” Sand Pit

Inflatable Sand-less Pit Training

Even if it is the offseason for your sport, you can still do pit training in a sand-less sandpit. Sand training is easier on your joints than asphalt or pavement. It also helps increase stability in your hips and knees. Because sandpit workouts are more difficult than traditional ones, it’s important to start out slowly and work at your own pace.


Running in a sand-less sandpit adds extra resistance to your routine and unstable surface because it’s more difficult to lift your foot up and plant it firmly on the ground. According to research training in sand uses 1.6 times more energy than running on traditional hard surfaces, which equals a more intense workout. You also utilize more muscles when you workout in sand. For example, your calf muscles work harder to remove sand from the top of your feet as you run.


Do exercises in the sand-less sandpit such as sand sprints, side shuffles, quick feet drills, lope runs and two-legged hops. Or do the “A skip” exercise by lifting your right knee high, bending it and then bringing your foot toward your buttocks. Repeat on the opposite leg, skipping as you move forward. Do each exercise for at least eight repetitions at a steady pace.


You can train on our inflatable sand-less sand pit with shoes on or barefoot if you desire. It’s all right if you can’t run as fast in the sand as you normally do on asphalt — in fact it’s expected. Use a sandpit with smooth sand when you first start your workout. Although it is still challenging, firmly packed sand is easier to run on. In addition, you are less likely to experience extremely sore joints and calves on hard sand.


To prevent injury, always perform a five-minute warm-up by running or walking briskly around the sandpit a few times. Even if it’s the offseason, it’s still important to protect yourself from the heat and sun when exercising outside in a sandpit. Always wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and drink one or two cups of water during or after your workout. Be sure that the sandpit is set up on a level surface.


Our inflatable sand-less sand pits are designed to with stand extreme training. However there is no sand used so there is no mess of sand getting everywhere. You can train on our pits indoors or out doors. The foam is designed with the same density as sand but on an inflatable which creates a unstable surface. You will also get a better core workout as well.