Inflatable Games

Inflatable Obstacle Course

Inflatable Obstacle Course will add the WOW factor at your next event!

We have a large selection of inflatable obstacle courses for you to choose from or we can custom build one. Our obstacles courses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be outfitted with a variety of themes. Whether you’re trying to find a massive obstacle course for a large school event or looking for a obstacle course to entertain a smaller crowd, we have the right inflatable for you.

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Inflatable Joust

Step back to medieval times for the Gladiator Jousting Arena!

Two players Joust from elevated inflatable platforms with foam jousting sticks. The last person standing wins! The jousting poles are made of foam and the participants wear protective headgear. The other person lands in the inflatable cushion for a soft landing. The inflatable joust arena is a great unit for your company party.

All-Star Inflatables manufactures all our units in the USA at our facility located in Garland Texas.


Inflatable Boxing Rings


Get inside this commercial grade inflatable boxing ring, put on the oversized boxing gloves, and rock your opponent in this safe and fun inflatable boxing ring jumper. The Inflatable Boxing Ring is a favorite of children boxers and adult boxers alike. Once you set foot in the boxing ring you will be ready to rock your opponent. Includes oversized boxing gloves. This bouncy boxing ring for sale comes in several different styles and sizes. Put it to immediate use to make your inflatable business thrive.

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Inflatable Bungee Runs

The inflatable bungee run is an inflatable game where two players each wear a harness with a bungee cord attached. One end of the bungee cord is attached to the back wall of the inflatable bungee run and the other to the vest.  With their hand on the back wall to start, they must run forward as fast as they can to stretch the bungee cord.  When they stop progressing forward, they must place a Velcro marker on the center lane to mark their distance.  The bungee cord then yanks them back to provide good laughs for everyone.  Approximately 60 people per hour can take a turn on the inflatable bungee run.

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Inflatable Rock Climbing Walls

Inflatable rock wall climbing mountains are a great hit at any event, whether it is a kid’s party, teen party, or even a corporate event. With a four sided rock wall available for climbers to compete it produces a unique experience. The rock wall also serves as an illusion, making it seem easier then it appears to climbers who think it’s hard, yet harder for the climbers who think it’s easy. Either way, you cannot climb them just once. We also manufacturer single sided rock walls as well. Either way they are both alot of fun!

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Inflatable Speed Pitch


Do you have a killer pitch?  How fast can you kick a soccer ball?  Can you throw a football with high speed precision?  Find out with our inflatable speed cage, featuring baseball, soccer, and football scenes.  The netted walls and ceilings protect the spectators, while providing an up-close view.  A speed-sensitive radar locks your speed and displays it on a digital read-out. Full digital, removable backdrops are installed with targets. Let’s see what you’ve got! These cages are made from 18.5 oz vinyl and can with stand the torture.

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